What is an Entrepreneur

You might have yourself considered opening one. Entrepreneurship is the “cool” thing to pursue in this age yet so many people are confused over what or who an entrepreneur is? What does it really take to become one? Is it just a businessman? Or is it a conceptualist or an “ideator”? Can one become an entrepreneur without innovation?

What Is Disruptive Innovation

What Is Disruptive Innovation? Disruptive innovation refers to an innovation which caters to an untapped or unserved market segment and creates its own market and value network which eventually disregard the established competitors and redefines the face of the sector it operates in. Usually, the conditions which give rise to disruptive innovation are – Untapped target segment or

Why Brand Name Matters? How To Choose A Great Band Name

We are surrounded by brands and their names become a natural part of our everyday speech. But there’s a theory behind why many brand names have a recall value and many don’t. What Is A Brand Name? A brand name is a name given to a brand to identify and differentiate it from others. Communication is an important aspect of marketing and Brand Name, being

what is a brand What is a Brand? What Are Brand Elements?

A brand is a product, service, person, company, or a concept which has characteristics like a name, symbol, etc. to be differentiated from others in the market. It is what makes the product identifiable and differentiable. What Is A Brand? A brand is the combination of properties within and outside a product which gives an identity to the

Market Validation – 6 Steps To Validate Your Business Idea

A lot of startups begin but fail in the initial years of its inception. About 90% of startups fail in the first 5 years of establishment, and that’s a lot. No one asks the actual reason for the failure. Some talk about less funding while some speak of the various other issues that dwell amongst the entrepreneurs building their startups. What is

What is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

What Is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing? Word-of-mouth marketing (or WOM marketing) is the act of a consumer talking about a product or service as part of his or her daily conversations rather than as a paid endorsement. In the pre-advertisement days, this was essentially how people came to know about products and services – when their neighbour talked about the

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