What is a Marketing Plan & How To Write One

A product without a marketing plan is like a traveller without a map. When you’re preparing for a trip, you consider lots of things like the route, mode of transport, place of stay, weather, how much would you need to spend, places to visit, et al. And all of these need to be carefully planned so you don’t

What Is Social Marketing

What Is Social Marketing? Social marketing is a distinct marketing discipline which uses commercial marketing principles and techniques to advance a social cause and influence the target audience behaviors to improve their lives or the society in which they live. The characteristics which distinguish social marketing efforts from other marketing efforts are: Focusing On Benefiting Society Unlike other

Why Brand Name Matters? How To Choose A Great Band Name

We are surrounded by brands and their names become a natural part of our everyday speech. But there’s a theory behind why many brand names have a recall value and many don’t. What Is A Brand Name? A brand name is a name given to a brand to identify and differentiate it from others. Communication is an important aspect of marketing and Brand Name, being

What Is Product Management

Have you ever wondered how a simple idea gets transformed into a full-fledged product that is sold in the markets? Does the idea of being at the intersection of all business functions excite you? Have you been surprised to see how the most successful companies in the world always seem to know what their customers want? Do simple,

Product Manager vs Program Manager vs Project Manager

In spite of being very different roles, it is astonishing how people everywhere seem to confuse between a Product Manager, Project Manager and Program Manager. These are familiar roles to people yet few seem to know what sets them apart from each other, even in the industry. Yes, I get it that they sound similar. But so do

What Is Disruptive Innovation

What Is Disruptive Innovation? Disruptive innovation refers to an innovation which caters to an untapped or unserved market segment and creates its own market and value network which eventually disregard the established competitors and redefines the face of the sector it operates in. Usually, the conditions which give rise to disruptive innovation are – Untapped target segment or

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