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A marketing plan is a business road map describing your marketing goals and the marketing strategies and tactics you’ll be using to fulfill those goals.
It is a blueprint or a document that contains details of the product’s primary research, strengths and shortfalls, competitive environment, promotion plans, financials and further prospects.

What Is Mobile Marketing & Why Is It Important

You need a more customer-centric, customer-controlled, and technologically up-to-date marketing strategy to remain in the market for a long run. Maybe you already know about mobile marketing. Maybe not fully. Maybe you consider it core to your business. Or maybe a second priority. But 68% of the companies have already integrated mobile marketing into their marketing strategies and 71% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is core to their business. What Is Mobile Marketing? Mobile marketing is a marketing technique focused on marketing a business, a product, or a service to mobile (mobiles/tablets/handheld devices)

What Is Social Marketing

What Is Social Marketing? Social marketing is a distinct marketing discipline which uses commercial marketing principles and techniques to advance a social cause and influence the target audience behaviors to improve their lives or the society in which they live. The characteristics which distinguish social marketing efforts from other marketing efforts are: Focusing On Benefiting Society Unlike other marketing efforts where the ultimate gainer is the marketer, social marketing efforts aim at benefitting the society at large. This is the most important characteristic of social marketing. Objective Is To Influence behaviors Social

What is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

What Is Word-Of-Mouth Marketing? Word-of-mouth marketing (or WOM marketing) is the act of a consumer talking about a product or service as part of his or her daily conversations rather than as a paid endorsement. In the pre-advertisement days, this was essentially how people came to know about products and services – when their neighbour talked about the delicious new meat-pie at the tavern, or their aunt told them about the fashionable new milliner in town. In today’s context, word-of-mouth marketing describes both these naturally occurring instances where a consumer talks about

What is a Marketing Plan & How To Write One

A product without a marketing plan is like a traveller without a map. When you’re preparing for a trip, you consider lots of things like the route, mode of transport, place of stay, weather, how much would you need to spend, places to visit, et al. And all of these need to be carefully planned so you don’t end up with say, lesser clothes than you needed or run out of money! Similarly, when you launch a product, you need to consider several aspects like: identifying the target customers establishing its Unique

Market Validation – 6 Steps To Validate Your Business Idea

A lot of startups begin but fail in the initial years of its inception. About 90% of startups fail in the first 5 years of establishment, and that’s a lot. No one asks the actual reason for the failure. Some talk about less funding while some speak of the various other issues that dwell amongst the entrepreneurs building their startups. What is Market Validation? Market validation is the process of validating the viability of the business idea in the target market. In simple terms, it refers to a process of determining whether your business idea is

Sales Promotion – Definition, Strategies, & Examples

Sales Promotion Definition Sales promotion is a marketing strategy where the product is promoted using short-term attractive initiatives to stimulate its demand and increase its sales. This strategy is usually brought to use in the following cases – to introduce new products, sell out existing inventories, attract more customers, and to lift sales temporarily. Importance Of Sales Promotion Sales promotion is a handy technique to fulfill the short term sales goals by persuading potential customers to buy the product. It is an important promotional strategy to – Spread information about the brand to

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