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By Shoaib Hassan at Startup Insider

Entrepreneurship and Startup Culture in Islam.

An honest and trustworthy merchant will be [raised] with the Prophets, the truthful and the martyrs!

– Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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Misconceptions of Startups about Investment

Is your product what the investor is looking for? Can you take the 10x pressure? There is a lot you need to know before you go in to ask for an investment. Here is what Rabeel Warraich has to say abut the misconceptions of startups about investment and the 3 trends you’re seeing emerging in the ecosystem for the upcoming years.

What do you think are a few misconceptions of startups about investment?

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By Rabeel Warraich at startupguide

In Conversation with the Project Director NIC Peshawar

KPK has some amazing ideas when it comes to technology and innovation. Where there are ideas and talent, there is an essential need for enablers to nurture and polish that talent. That is exactly what National Incubation Center Peshawar does. While having a detailed conversation with the project director of NIC Peshawar, here are some of the highlights on the vision behind setting up the whole program and how his backgrounds aids in making the process easier.

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By Murtaza Zaidi at startupguide

Championing Women Empowerment

We talked to Sadaffe Abid on championing women empowerment and how “She Loves Tech” have been playing an important role in achieving that in Pakistan and here is what she had to say.

Given your working experience, how would you say it enables you in spearheading a large-scale competition like ‘She Loves Tech’?

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By Sadaffe Abid at startupguide

Fintech Landscape of Pakistan

Owais Zaidi is the man behind the first Pakistani VC funded company in 2000 called 2B Technologies in call center and CRM space; he has managed the first third party Payment network in Pakistan covering over 15,000 merchants and running Visa/MasterCard/Private Label programs. He has also run the first managed loyalty platform with market share of over 90% in 2000’s and built the first cloud based Mobile payments platform in the emerging markets in 2008. He has also co-founded the first and only fintech incubator of the country, called the Fintech Factory.

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By Owais Zaidi at startupguide


PM’ Youth Development Program aspires to provide hand-holding support to the youth across all regions of Pakistan through their entire entrepreneurial journey from blue-print to scale in a commercially sustainable manner, thereby reducing the burden of support from GoP. In addition to supporting start-ups, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has launched a subsidized financing program worth Rs100 billion.

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By Qaisar Hayat at Startup Insider

building an ecosystem

An uncompromisingly forthright talk with the former Deputy Chairman at Planning Commission of Pakistan

Entrepreneurship is to rollback the government. That doesn’t mean we get rid of the government! We need a good professional thinking government. We need a researching government. That government which is capable of regulating the market.

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By Dr. Nadeem ul Haque at Startup Insider

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