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You need a more customer-centric, customer-controlled, and technologically up-to-date marketing strategy to remain in the market for a long run. Maybe you already know about mobile marketing. Maybe not fully. Maybe you consider it core to your business. Or maybe a second priority. But 68% of the companies have already integrated mobile marketing into their marketing strategies and 71% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is core to their business.

What Is A Business Incubator

What Is A Business Incubator? Incubator, as the name suggests, is a place where conditions are met to make life sustainable by providing a nurturing environment. Now when you apply the same concept to startups or businesses that are just starting out, you get the basic concept of a startup incubator. A startup incubator or business incubator helps your startup to develop until it is able to sustain itself in the market. How Does A Business Incubator Help? Incubators are home to various venture capitalists, angel investors as well as other mentors for entrepreneurs. By helping the startups set up office spaces or legal expertise, they

What Is Disruptive Innovation

What Is Disruptive Innovation? Disruptive innovation refers to an innovation which caters to an untapped or unserved market segment and creates its own market and value network which eventually disregard the established competitors and redefines the face of the sector it operates in. Usually, the conditions which give rise to disruptive innovation are – Untapped target segment or unserved demand of the customers Few resources Operational/vascular inefficiencies of the established players Conventionally, traditional players of the market focus on improving their existing products and services for their revenue concentration points by exceeding the needs of some segments and ignoring the

10 Reasons Why Startups Fail

No Market for your Product Make sure you make the right product for the right market. Most startups fail as there is little to no market for their product. Your product needs a compelling value proposition as well as the right market timing. You might have a stellar product but it might be a few years ahead of its time, which might lead to its untimely demise. Know the pulse of your target market before you decide to jump in. Cash Crunch Companies fail when they run out of cash before they achieve their set objectives. One of the most

What is an Entrepreneur

You might have yourself considered opening one. Entrepreneurship is the “cool” thing to pursue in this age yet so many people are confused over what or who an entrepreneur is? What does it really take to become one? Is it just a businessman? Or is it a conceptualist or an “ideator”? Can one become an entrepreneur without innovation? Does pro-bono consulting which creates value come under entrepreneurship? Are some people born entrepreneurs or can someone be developed to become one? Can someone call himself an entrepreneur if he does not own a company but is a leader and innovator in

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